The Adventure Proper

Welcome to Kipsatawnie

Our numbers were unfortunately thin this past session, but we did get a good start on the adventure. The players were hired by the Goldberg Mining Company (a dwarven venture) as armed escorts for a prospecting expedition to the Far Shore. However, these things never go smoothly and the expedition’s ship, the Proud Anselmo, was caught in a storm and sank.

The players were washed ashore close to the fishing town of Kipsatawnie. This once quiet town has seen dark days in past months: The town’s temple was struck my lightning and burned down with the priest inside. The night after the fire, a legion of spectral horrors descended on the town from the landowner’s mansion on the hill. The horrors killed everyone they laid eyes upon, including the town’s nightwatchmen. The attacks have persisted night after night for three months, and the town’s residents have been forced to barricade themselves within their homes at night. The local landowners, the Ballard family, have not been seen since the night the horrors first appeared, nor has any of their waitstaff. In the power vacuum left by the disappearance of the Ballards, Dock Master Harstelle has taken to ruling the town with an iron fist by day; extorting exorbitant protection fees from Kipsatawnie’s residents and forcing those that cannot pay into indentured servitude in his fishery.

The players have found shelter in the Pickled Herring, the local pub run by the skraeling Toddley Vander and his adopted human daughters Charlotte and Caroline. With their the help of fellow shipwreck survivors Chunk and the barbarian Ahnold, the players have set out to free Kipsatawnie from the tyranny of Dock Master Harstelle.



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