Lord Magister Konrad von Corvin

Former wizard-prince of Verzaberg


Class/Level:Wizard ??


Alignment: True Neutral

Personality Traits: Ambitious, Arrogant, Condescending, Sagacious

Konrad, later known as von Corvin, was born the son of a cooper in the Free City of Falkenfelsen. He purchased a book of cantrips from a failed wizard’s apprentice, and taught himself to read magic. Konrad ran away from home to avoid being apprenticed to his father, eventually settling in Drachenuhr. In Drachenuhr he learned the ways of magic from an elderly, enfeebled mage in need of a servant boy. Following the passing of his master, Konrad spent many years as an adventurer, exploring Draconian Ruins in search of lost arcana.

Having become weary of the adventuring life, von Corvin constructed a tower in an isolated valley that would come to be known as Verzaberg. This tower was to be a sanctuary where he could be free to conduct arcane research at his leisure. Konrad’s solitude was short lived. Lesser men flocked to the safety of his shadow, and he soon found himself the lord of a growing city. As von Corvin’s reputation grew, Emperor Fredrich Von Drachenheim II offered Konrad the right of sovereignty over Verzaberg Valley in exchange for his services as Imperial Archmage.

As the ruler of a sovereign Hanaanite State, von Corvin held a seat on the Council of Princes. Though a voice of wisdom within the Council, Konrad was never entirely trusted by his fellow Princes. Though not trusted, von Corvin eventually earned his fellow princes respect when his powers of divination proved instrumental in ending the Draconian Usurpation.

As Konrad von Corvin’s second century came to a close, the rigors of magical life extension began to take their tole. His behavior took on an eccentric tone, culminating in Konrad sealing himself within the upper reaches of his tower. No one, not even Konrad’s own apprentice, could break the arcane wards. To this day von Corvin’s fate, along with the events that have transpired within the tower’s highest levels, remain a mystery.

Lord Magister Konrad von Corvin

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