Imperial Dragon Plate

fire resistant dragon scale armor of the highest quality.


Aura strong abjuration; CL 18th (Minor Artifact) Slot body; Weight 50 lb.


This suit of +5 dragon scale full plate imparts the wearer with the supernatural defenses of a fire breathing dragon. The armor itself is immune to fire damage and grants the wearer fire resistance 30. The wearer of a suit of Imperial Dragon Plate is granted damage reduction 5/magic and spell resistance 19. In addition, the wearer is immune to paralysis and sleep effects.

A suit of Imperial Dragon Plate can be destroyed by normal means save fire.


Each of these nine suits of exquisite dragon scale full plate has been painstakingly assembled from individual brass, gold, and red dragon scales. The brass and gold scales form the bulk of the armor’s surface area, giving it a mottled appearance. The red scales have been used to create the armor’s accents and fine details.

The scales used to make the nine suits of Imperial Dragon Plate were recovered one by one from Draconian ruins across the Hanaan Basin. The Unified Imperial Army still offers a bounty on brass, gold and red dragon scales, which are held in reserve for the repair of the nine existing suits.

The right to wear a suit of Imperial Dragon Plate is awarded along with the rank of Imperial Dragon Knight. Should a suit of Imperial Dragon Plate fall into enemy hands due to the death of an Imperial Dragon Knight, it is the responsibility of the newly appointed Imperial Dragon Knight to recover the lost suit as a rite of initiation. Should an Imperial Dragon Knight loose his suit of Imperial Dragon Plate, he is stripped of his rank and military command until the armor has been recovered.

Imperial Dragon Plate

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