Character Class Limitations and Modifications

Applicable Character Classes

Players may pursue any character class presented in the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook with the exception of monk. In addition, players may choose to pursue any class from the Advanced Players Guide.

Cavalier Orders

Cavaliers are common in the human realms of Iriel. Each culture has its own names for the archtypical cavalier orders:

  • The Archanaan Imperium

    • Order of the Cockatrice=unchanged
    • Order of the Dragon=Order of the Wolf
    • Order of the Lion=varies by liege’s coat of arms
    • Order of the Shield=unchanged
    • Order of the Star=Order of the Oak
    • Order of the Sword=Order of the Lance
Clerics and Domains

As always, a cleric may only choose an alignment domain if his alignment matches that of the domain. For example, a lawful good cleric of a lawful good deity could choose the law domain, but a neutral good cleric of a lawful good deity could not.

The Hanaanite Pantheon combines elements of a tight pantheon and dualism. A Hanaanite Cleric may choose either to devote himself to a particular deity, as per a normal cleric, or devote himself to the pantheon as a whole. Clerics who choose to devote themselves to the pantheon as a whole may be of any alignment available to clerics of one of the pantheon’s deities. However, pantheist clerics may only choose domains offered by deities whose alignment is within one step of their own.

Clerics and Subdomains

Clerics who choose to pursue one or more of their deities subdomains are especially favored by their gods. They receive one additional instance of divine intervention per campaign. Note that taking more than one subdomain does not entitle you to more than one extra instance of divine intervention.

Sorcerous Bloodlines

All sorcerous bloodlines are not represented equally in the land of Iriel. Human sorcerers my choose freely from the Arcane, Destined, Draconic, and Fey bloodlines. Elves overwhelmingly favor the Fey bloodline, but may also choose the Arcane or Destined bloodlines. Half Elves also favor the Fey bloodline, but may choose from any of the bloodlines available to humans. Other races may have additional bloodline choices. These choices are noted in their racial description.

Prestige Classes

I am of the opinion that prestige classes ruined 3rd edition. When combined in unusual ways, they could easily break the game. As a result I am limiting players to prestige classes presented in Pathfinder products, and my permission is required to take any prestige class.

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Character Class Limitations and Modifications

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