Character Creation Guidelines

Starting Level


Ability Scores

Ability scores are to be determined using a standard fantasy (15 point) point-buy as described on page 16 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook.

Starting Gold

Players receive average starting gold at character creation, as listed for their class on page 140 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook.

Character Traits

All characters are entitled to two character traits. The standard catalog of traits can be downloaded here. Additional traits can be found in the advanced players guide starting on page 326. Players are limited to traits that do not specifically relate to aspects of the default Pathfinder Campaign setting (i.e. no campaign or religion traits).

Action Points

Characters are entitled to the use of action points, as described on pages 122-124 of Unearthed Arcana. Action points do not carry over between levels. Let it never be said that I didn’t give you a fighting chance.

Divine Intervention

Each player (not character) is entitled to a single act of divine intervention (as per the spell miracle) per campaign. Be warned, the gods do not take frivolous pleas lightly and will only answer pleas to save lives or avert disasters.

Advancing in Level

Characters advance in level according to the medium experience point track.

Hit points are determined according to the following rules:

  • Characters receive maximum hit points at first level as normal.
  • Between level 2 and 10 characters receive half their hit dice, rounded up, plus constitution modifier whenever they advance in level.
  • Between level 11 and 20 characters receive one hit point plus constitution modifier whenever they advance in level.

This system ensures consistent hit point advancement at early levels and reduces bloated hit point totals dragging out combat at higher levels. Don’t worry, monsters and NPCs will follow these rules as well. However, only player character classes receive maximum hit points at first level.

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Character Creation Guidelines

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