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Iriel, an Introduction

For an eon, dragons ruled the world. Five-thousand years ago the Draconian Empire came to an abrupt, cataclysmic end. The extinction of the dragons was a golden opportunity for the beings they once held dominion over, the chance to shape their own destiny.

In the five millenniums since the fall of the Draconian Empire, one race has asserted itself as the new masters of Iriel: Humans. However, humanity is not alone: Fey worshiping elves hold sway over the the primeval wilderness, and dwarves burrow through the mountain’s hearts. Savage goblinoids, once confined to the marginal lands at the boarders of civilization, have swept into Iriel with the disappearance of the dragons.

A Recent History of the Hanaan Basin

The past century has not been kind to the people of Hanaan. The Basin’s troubles began when the good Emperor Fredrich Von Drachenheim III was assassinated by a half dragon usurper as a kobold horde overran the land. An army of unliving dragons descended upon Hanaan in the wake of usurper’s deposition and the routing of the kobold horde by the Imperial Army, only to be thwarted within a hair’s width of victory by a brave knight wielding an artifact of the Draconian Empire.

The end of the Draconian Usurpation was just the beginning of the hanaanite people’s ordeals. With the Imperial throne vacant, a bloody crisis of succession between the Emperor’s two sons ensued. The elder son claimed the throne as his birthright, while the majority of the Council of Princes backed the younger son as a potential puppet. The war raged on for years, with neither side gaining any significant ground over the other. The years turned to decades and the invention of black powder weapons only served to escalate the conflict. The Emperor’s sons passed away and the conflict was taken up by their own sons. Only with the coronation of the third generation was an uneasy peace achieved. What was once the mighty Archanaan Imperium now lays in ruins. The descendants of the elder son rule the Imperial Kingdom of Drachenhiem, composed of the Archdutchy of Drachenhiem and its historic vassal states, and the descendants of the younger son preside over The Archanaan Confederacy, an alliance of the more rebellious highland states.

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