The Tone and Visual Aesthetic of Iriel

The Visual Aesthetic

Iriel is a Medieval Europe analog, but not Medieval Europe as it truly was. Rather, Iriel is the heroic middle ages as imagined by 19th century Romanticism. Castles are whimsical affairs made of perfectly cut stones and sporting numerous spires. Knights Errant in sparkling plate mail roam the countryside on white stallions. Dragons don’t soar through the sky though, they’re all dead.

The Tone

Iriel is a land of folklore and fairy tales, but these are no Disney fairy tales. True European fairy tails include liberal doses of not only whimsy and heroism, but also cruelty and gore.

In Iriel, magic is a rare and wondrous thing. Iriel’s hero’s are those that have learned to survive by virtue of wit and grit. Any given city hosts only a handful of those gifted with the arcane, and smaller communities consider themselves lucky should they fall within walking distance of a hedge wizard’s abode.

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The Tone and Visual Aesthetic of Iriel

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