Johann von Grünewald

Cavalier Order of the Wolf


Str: 18 Dex: 13 Con: 12 Int: 12 Wis: 8 Cha: 10
AC: 18 Touch AC: 11 Flat-Foot AC: 17
Fort: +3 Ref: +1 Will: -1


Basic Info

Description: Johann is a human male at 6’3, and 195 pounds. Black hair that falls to the shoulders, and has just the hint of a wave. Blue eyes.

Personality: Johann is Neutral Good. He is quick to champion causes and even quicker to act. He tries to abide by laws and proper etiquette, but tends to unknowingly sidestep them when he gets emotionally worked up. Like most cavaliers, Johann also has feelings of invincibility, and an almost innocent arrogance that goes right along with it.

History: Johann is the third son of the deceased Baron Oskar von Grünewald. Like all the sons, Johann received military training from his uncle Dietfried, etiquette lessons from his aunt Minna, and administration instruction from the Baron himself. While his administration abilities were paltry, and his etiquette merely passable, he excelled in his military arts. Johann especially shined as a lancer, and while he has never entered any tournaments, he could best the local riders quite regularly.

While his father Oskar von Grünewald was alive, things were quite leisurely for Johann, and he rarely had the chance to travel. That changed when his father passed away three years ago, and his brother Franz inherited the Barony. Unlike his father, Franz has quite a bit of ambition and in order to achieve that ambition, he will need to use every resource at his disposal. So Franz played on Johann’s emotions, convincing him that he should travel the Imperium hone his skills, spread his name, and do good deeds. He even lent Eisenklaue to Johann to really invigorate him. In reality, Franz is hoping to make new connections by cashing in on Johann’s good deeds, improve the reputation of the Grünewald family, and take a tithe on any rewards or treasure Johann may find. And if Johann may die, while tragic, Franz could even spin that in his favor.

Family Info

Felix von Grünewald: Was granted the Grünewald estate and title of Baron for exemplary military services rendered to the Dutchy. The family sword, Eisenklaue, was originally his famed weapon.

Oskar von Grünewald: The previous Baron of Grünewald. A kindly and unimposing Lord. Married Margarete Rothstein, and had 4 children. Died of natural causes 3 years past.

Margarete Rothstein (von Grünewald): The daughter of of a rich merchant. A strict, but loving mother. Died in childbirth delivering her 4th child, Rozalind.

Wilhelmina von Grünewald: The younger sister of Oskar. Took over the roll of mother for the Grünewald children after Margarete’s death.

Dietfried von Grünewald: The younger brother of both Oskar and Wilhelmina. Current captain of the guard and advisor at the Grünewald estate. A battle hardened veteran who taught the male Grünewald children much of the military arts.

Franz von Grünewald: The current Baron of Grünewald at 28 years old. He has the ambition to raise Grünewald’s sphere of power and the charisma to back it up. While far from malicious, Franz has no qualms in using his family as well as any others in furthering his goals.

Rolf von Grünewald: The second son Oskar at 26 years old, and the next in line for Baron. A seedier fellow who really only cares about himself. He often uses sleazy and underhanded tactics to get what he wants. Although he has his eyes on the Baron’s title, at least for the moment he has thrown his lot in with his brother, believing that Franz has what it takes to increase the stature of the Grünewald family. That all may change however…

Rozalind von Grünewald: The youngest child and only daughter of Oskar von Grünewald at 17 years old. She is a plain girl, but very tenderhearted. She does her best to keep her brothers out of trouble- and sometimes she even succeeds. Her brothers all dote on her endlessly (even Rolf).

Johann von Grünewald

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